Our Trust was created in 1994 with the aim of transforming the lives of impoverished street children in Mumbai. Our work began under a tree in a public garden along the Western Express Highway, helping children who lived off an erratic income from rag-picking. From these humble beginnings we have been able to expand our efforts and lift scores of children out of abject poverty; we aim to transform bleak futures into much more promising ones.

what we do
Our activities focus on dramatically improving the nutrition, education, health, and self worth of the children that we help. We try to ensure that our children do not remain emotionally, morally, or materially deprived; we look to transform their ‘threatened’ childhood and make it ‘safe’.Over the years we have been able to teach the children and their families the value of education, and how this, combined with ‘self-belief’, can result in unimaginable achievements and opportunities. Our motto is ‘I know I can’.We convey the importance of long-lasting health to our children and their families. We provide them with regular medical check-ups, and follow up with them on any advice or prescriptions that they have been given. We also run annual health drives which focus on the prevention of vitamin deficiencies. We often find that the children who join our program have very low self esteem.